The Estate

Saint Antonin: a History

Our family-run estate (26 hectares) is located in the South of France, in the Faugères appellation, on the village of Cabrerolles.

Frédéric Albaret gained experience in vine-growing and wine-making by working in several wine-producing companies, long before being a wine-producer became fashionable. Then, Frédéric Albaret decided to create his own estate from scratch. He started Saint Antonin in 1994 with 13 hectares of vineyard.

His wife, Fabienne, started working with him on the estate in 2001, as they opened a brand new cellar. The family has expanded together with the estate : in 2012, the latter comprises 26 hectares.


Our philosophy: from the vineyard to the cellar

In the vineyard, Syrah and Mourvèdre vine lots neighbour older plots of traditional Carignan and Grenache. Throughout the year, to protect our fragile soil, we do a lot of manual work up till the harvest, when the grapes are hand-picked. Our strive for quality regards the cellar as well as the vineyard. During the wine-making process, we work as simply as possible, with the gentlest extractions, in order to let the terroir express itself.

Through the shaleous soils of our appellation and the high standards we assign to our work, we produce four wines which authentically reflect the amazing terroir of Faugères : les Jardins (red and rosé), Lou Cazalet and Magnoux (both red).

From the very start, we have shown a lot of respect to the land, the vines and the people we work with. We are constantly looking for the appopriate balance. In order to allow our wines to achieve it, we are innovating and evolving continuously.